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Fact Sheet No.6 is out – Why do you need triple glazed windows for #Passivhaus? @Green_Books mentioned

Fact sheet No. 6 is out and as promised it’s getting more technical, the sheet refers back to previous posts on this subject on MarkStephensArchitects.com and if you like your physics & maths there are some example calculations given.


Any errors on the maths let me know, I remember there were some discrepancies over location irradiation figures.

This Fact Sheet is also included in the Fact Sheets section of the website

#Passivhaus and Ironman Triathlon – the connection @WolfgangFeist mentioned

I wrote this over weekend about Passivhaus, Ironman Triathlon and the bustup between Phi and PHUS


What possible connection could there be between the Passivhaus methodology and Triathlon?

If you’re in the Passivhaus world then you couldn’t help but notice the split between The Passive House Institute based in Germany and the Passive House Institute US. I’m not going into the reasons behind the split (of which there’s stacks on the web) but splits of this type are not unusual and this split is still rumbling on. Even today this Twitter stream shows a Twitter ‘fight’ on this very subject. And here’s the original [POST] that kicked everything off.

Here’s the ‘Open letter’ from Wolfgang Feist on the subject

So, the triathlon analogy…

As a primer, here’s the Wikipedia entry on Ironman Triathlon

Notice the key line:

“Other races exist that are of the same distance as an Ironman triathlon but are not produced, owned, or licensed by the World Triathlon Corporation. Such races include…

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Fact Sheet No.5 Ready – Passivhaus Construction

We’ve added Fact Sheet No.5 on Passivhaus Construction to the FACT SHEETS section.

Now that’s the ‘Fundamentals’ dealt with, it’s time to get technical…

Fact Sheet No.4 on Passivhaus design is out: @ParsonsWhittley @zowark featured

Fact Sheet Number 4 on Passivhaus Design is out, next one will be on Passivhaus construction…


Special thanks to:

Zeno Winkens for
Clauson House Co. Wexford, Winkens Architecture

Isover Energy Efficiency Award 2013 WINNER
Finalist Irish Building and Design Awards Sustainable/Green Project of the Year 2014
Finalist The Green Residential Building Green Awards 2013


Chris Parsons of Parsons + Whittley Architects for the 3 dwellings at Burnham Overy Staithe for Hastoe

You can download the Fact sheet HERE or via the FACT SHEETS section where you can download the previous sheets.

How to complete all your CPD in one hit: #Passivhaus

Here’s the earlier #Passivhaus CPD post


CPD or Continuing Professional Development is part and parcel of the architects duties and responsibilities and is summarised by the RIAI below:

“The systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skill and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties throughout the practitioner’s working life”.

The required CPD for Irish architects is 20 hours unstructured work and 20 hours structured work and my approach to completing it has varied from year to year. Some years I’ve knocked off each hour one at a time in approved seminars whilst other years I’ve completed the hours in one hit by completing a bigger course – the RIAI Conservation course is one example of this.

This year has also been a ‘one-hit’ year where all of the years CPD was completed in a single course – the Certified Passivhaus Consultant/Designer course and exam which was completed…

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TeachPassiv #Passivhaus Fact Sheet No. 3 out: The Passivhaus Design Team

Fact sheet No. 3 out now: The Passivhaus Design Team

Details who you should appoint and why to build your ultra-low energy Passivhaus.

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