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#Passivhaus and Ironman Triathlon – the connection @WolfgangFeist mentioned

I wrote this over weekend about Passivhaus, Ironman Triathlon and the bustup between Phi and PHUS


What possible connection could there be between the Passivhaus methodology and Triathlon?

If you’re in the Passivhaus world then you couldn’t help but notice the split between The Passive House Institute based in Germany and the Passive House Institute US. I’m not going into the reasons behind the split (of which there’s stacks on the web) but splits of this type are not unusual and this split is still rumbling on. Even today this Twitter stream shows a Twitter ‘fight’ on this very subject. And here’s the original [POST] that kicked everything off.

Here’s the ‘Open letter’ from Wolfgang Feist on the subject

So, the triathlon analogy…

As a primer, here’s the Wikipedia entry on Ironman Triathlon

Notice the key line:

“Other races exist that are of the same distance as an Ironman triathlon but are not produced, owned, or licensed by the World Triathlon Corporation. Such races include…

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