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Architects can do more than just the pretty bit…

I wrote this on main site on benefits of using architect with Passivhaus experience/training (ahem)…


The writing was on the wall prior to the implementation of the Building Regulation Amendments under S.I.No.9 of 2014 but since April 1st it looks as if the situation will increase…

The situation being my appointment for the design and planning only on projects and the appointment of a another party for the construction drawings and site inspections.

Now I’m happy that if money is tight that I receive a fee for a ‘part-service’ rather than no job at all but on the basis of a couple of recent jobs I feel that it’s important to emphasise that I can do a lot more than just the ‘pretty’ bit involving the design and planning. This is the purpose of this post; to explain what I (as well as other architects) can offer when they are appointed for the ‘full’ service:

I have always said that the best residential projects are…

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