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U Value Calculator now available on iOS, Android & Windows phone!

icon_512Finally after months of development and testing, our U value calculator app UValue is released on Apple iOS as well as Android and Windows Phone.





Below are a few screen grabs that show the key features:

• Scalable high resolution graphics for all phones and tablets

• Ability to enter your own materials, thicknesses and conductivities as opposed to searching in scrolling lists

• Calculates for floors, walls, roofs and ceilings and adjusts the interior and exterior thermal resistance values accordingly (in accordance with DIN EN 6946 Section 5, Chart 1.)

• Available on Android, iOS & Windows Phones

• Includes settings for underground wall, rain screen or warm/cold roof constructions

• Information/settings screen

• Ability to reset all values or delete individual lines

• Adheres to Passivhaus methodology of calculating U values (excluding thermal bridging – see below)

• Links to TeachPassiv.com and additional Passivhus resources, news & FACT SHEETS

• This version totally free of charge

Screen grab showing main screen with unfilled data

Screen grab showing main screen with unfilled data

Screengrab showing main screen with data entered & resultant calculation

Screengrab showing main screen with data entered & resultant calculation

Screen grab of settings/information screen

Screen grab of settings/information screen

Why did we create the app? I was looking for a simple U value app that gave the ability of quickly entering data, allowed a quick comparison between different constructions/insulation and supplemented the PHPP U value calculations (the app is not intended to replace PHPP). I found that the app didn’t exist and we (myself and my coding maestro son Conor) decided to fill the gap in the market.

The app is free of charge and is used as a marketing aid for TeachPassiv.com and the architecture and Passivhaus Design Practice Mark Stephens Architects

The app does not currently take account of thermal bridges, this is going to be addressed in a subsequent version.

If you find any bugs or inaccuracies in the app, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@teachpassiv.com

You can read the Privacy Statement regarding the app HERE

The app is not supported or endorsed by the Passivhaus Institute, does not replace the U value calculations in PHPP and is for entertainment purposes only e&oe.

A big shout out to my sons own website who is a Games Coding Guru at GreenCheeseGames.com

New #Passivhaus Fact Sheet on Thermal Conductivity & u values added

Here is link to new Fact Sheet on Thermal Conductivity and u values which has also been added to FACT SHEETS section of website.

This Fact sheet is in response to recent confusion over conductivity values.

Great #Passivhaus Comfort post by @ElrondBurrell #LovePH

Great Post by Elrond Burrell on Passivhaus Comfort:

Passivhaus Comfort POST

Sneak peak of new #Passivhaus U-value App

icon_512Below is a sneak peak at the ‘in-development’ screen-grab of the forthcoming Passivhaus U-value App:


We’re in the final stages of testing, all the code is written and is being beta-tested on devices; so far all the calculations for all conditions (where Rse and Rsi are critical) are working OK.

To make sure you receive details on when the app is released (for Apple iOS and Android) subscribe via email in the right hand widget…

New Passivhaus U-Value Calculator App in development…

icon_512TeachPassiv.com are please to announce the imminent release of a new Passivhaus App for Apple iOS and Android.

The app is a U-value calculator using the Passivhaus methodology; it has been carefully written to ensure that the surface resistance values are in accordance with EN ISO 6946 for all conditions and can also take into account constructions below ground, unheated spaces and compensation for rain screen constructions.

To ensure that you receive details of this imminent release, please follow/subscribe via email (widget on right hand side)…

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